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“Websites are the wave of the future.”

First I must state that this is an opinionated write-up.

At Thompson’s Web Service, we have been building websites for quite some time now.  I have had the pleasure of building websites for up and coming businesses to million dollar businesses.  No matter where the business is starting off, the number one question still asked, “What will a website do for my business?”, the answer is always the same, “Exposure”.  The purpose of a website is not to sell your product, the purpose of a website is to get you out into the online community.  Product is sold based upon the product you are selling.  Websites are another marketing tool.  Websites are the wave of the future.  Most of the younger generation(s) google your business before showing up to your store, restaurant, or even thinking of buying online.

A person may be thinking “What if I have an E-Commerce site? The purpose is to sell online.”, well this statement would be correct.  The way you sell online though is through marketing your market.  If you build a beautiful storefront, do you run ads in a paper offering sale items, do you run ads in social media trying to get people out to your store?  While the ease of being able to shop in your pajamas is at your customers fingertips, you still have to market those people to get to your site.  Thompson’s Web Service sets up your basic SEO, Search Engine Optimization, however TWS can help you to market on top of your SEO for your website!  Just ask us how…

Someone may questions why products are not selling in their online store.  Well there may be several reasons, not necessarily the web developers fault. 1) Have you marketed your website. 2) Are you getting your products out there? 3) Have you let all of your previous customers know of your new online store?

Being from the small town of Wilson, NC, I know small business.  The older more established businesses tend to use the saying “if it’s not broke, why fix it”.  I have heard that saying as I have offered to build a website for them, but my reply is “your right, its not broke, but why not keep up with the times, why not get more exposure”.  Now there will always be those that will tell you “No”, and that is okay, but when they see their neighboring competition bringing in more business, this tends to change minds.

The Internet was established to bring the people more information. Websites were established to bring more information about companies, products, how to’s, and much more.  There are 3 main types of websites company’s utilize a blogging website, informational website, or an e-commerce website.  Which one does your company need?