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Small Business Website

Small Business Website

Small Business Website | Informational sites include small business to large businesses.  Informational is exactly what it says, wanting to get information out to its public consumers or followers.  These types of websites can contain blogging, information strictly about your company, contact Information, along with an array of options to best suit your company’s needs.  The main key is making your website relay the image and information that you want your consumers or followers to obtain from your web site. Please contact Thompson’s Web Service for pricing.


  • Domain name for 2 years (Dependent upon availability
  • Hosting of website for 2 years on a Linux Server (Best of the Best)
  • Set up & Design for WordPress Website
  • SEO set up (Search Engine Optimization)


  • SSL Certificate – Highly recommended! Please read article SSL Certificate & Google Rankings
  • Video – if we write your script extra $50, professional video to be displayed on your website please check out our latest video below.
  • Logo – if you don’t have a design yet, let us help, check out our latest logo Ninja Kwik Lock Co .



  • Private Domain Name – Highly Recommended! #1 Protect Your Privacy #2 Prevent Unwanted Solicitation #3 Staying in Control – “When private domain registration keeps your personal information out of the WHOIS database, you can ultimately decide what information you wish to make public through your business website. Provide “safe” contact information that both you and your customers can feel comfortable using.” (via Disguising your business – every 10 days in the WHOIS database it will change your email address and disguise who you are so that your information is not leaked.
  • Plug-ins – Plugins are necessary when building a WordPress website.  I will know more on how to quote you as you describe to me what kind of web site you are trying to present to your consumers.

Choose Maintenance below:

  • Gold Montly Maintenance Plan
  • Gold Montly Maintenance Plan with SEO