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How do reviews affect your business?

Reviews Affect


So how do reviews affect your business?  Reviews can actually make or break your business.  With that in mind a company doesn’t want all 5 stars.  If I see all 5 stars I am thinking the owner is putting this up.  I personally think a business should have a mixture.  You may be asking “Why?”, well let me tell you. I have yet to run across a business who is perfect! Have you? I don’t want an impersonation of a business being perfect, but I also do not want to work with a company that has more 1 stars than 5 stars. So how do businesses make it believable to its customers? Truth from its customers.  I believe every company has room for improvement.  All businesses want to be inspired to find room from improvement. However if you receive 5 star quality customer service definitely implement that into your review of a business.

There are many ways to receive reviews in today’s technology.  Social media, google reviews, yelp, Angie’s list, and many more are just examples of a few places customers can go to review your business.  How can Thompson’s Web Service help your business?  First thing is if you do not already, get a website and join the online community!  There is nothing like seeing that a business has its own website with its own review page.  This means customers took time to come to your website and leave their thoughts of interaction with your company. So if you are ready, lets talk about how to make your presence known in the online community today! Click Here to Contact Us Today!